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March 2018 - Welcome

Upon looking at my portfolio of works, one might conclude that I'm a graphic designer. While I do drive on those types of software programs and adhere to the rules of graphic design, I am a branding and marketing person. Quite a few times I've created mock ups of the product only to hand it off to a real graphic designer to make it into a vector, print ready file. Delegating tasks is part of managing a product. And being able to get the ideas out of your head and onto the page is part of the job description.

In addition to creating packaging, logos and products, I also contribute to the sales side. I started out in retail and then moved into selling enterprise software, cold calling companies. I generated leads and found contacts of decision makers. After working in the tech industry, eventually selling into the Fortune 500, I went on to freelance for myself as an internet consultant for small business. This included web design, development, writing copy, managing content, newsletters, PR email blasts, print ads, eCommerce, fulfillment and customer support. All these different skill sets contribute to the big picture of delivering quality service to the customer, which is needed if you want to get paid. Please don't hesitate to send me an email. I'd love to chat.

mark [at] markmager dot com



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