A Southern California native, Johnny began playing music at age 5 after a life changing encounter with a KISS cassette. While in first grade, his school’s talent show allowed him the opportunity to get onstage with his guitar, and music has been his main thing ever since. Johnny has toured North America extensively, performed with legends of screen and stage, and recorded with several acts including Hookah Stew, Cold Forty Three, Shapeshifter, Amy Clawson, and others. Johnny is currently residing in Northern California, where he is writing, and recording music for an upcoming album.

Summer 2016

(-) Hey all, the new single it out! Words is here, and already receiving airplay! Available online NOW through all major music retailers including CdBaby, iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, and also featured on the “Dominate your Summer” Mix tape from Ninkasi Brewing Company. Recorded in the Spring of 2016 at Russian …

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Spring 2016

(-) Howdy and Happy New Year Happy New Year! 2015 came to an awesome end with a tour of the Caribbean/West Indies, and then capped off with an awesome New Year’s Eve show with The Johnny Young Band back at home in Mendo. ————— I’ll be at NAMM this month …

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