February 2015

Cover Your Hearts 2015
A night of guilty pleasure love songs benefitting UseMusic.org! Featuring: The My Oh Mys, Bryan Free, Young Vienna, & PDX Speedwagon with members of Charmparticles, Dr. Theopolis, Bryan Free, The My Oh Mys and Young Vienna.

It happens February 14th at the Doug Fir in SE Portland.

January 2015

Cover Your Hearts 2015
This year marks the sixth iteration of Cover Your Hearts and features PDX Speedwagon with members of Charmparticles and Dr. Theopolis, Bryan Free, The My Oh Mys and Young Vienna. Past performances, such as Bryan Free's now-legendary all-Pat Benetar set from 2009, Dr. Theopolis' touching rendition of Extreme's "More than Words," Jaycob Van Auken's shirt-ripping cover of Foreigner's "Hot Blooded," Derby's sultry "I Wanna Sex You Up" from Color Me Badd, and Metal Bear's raucous version of "Girls, Girls, Girls" have been included in lists of Portland's musical highlights.

It happens February 14th at the Doug Fir in SE Portland.

December 2014

A Dedication to Marcus Ginther
This small video clip taken from the Live at the Crystal Ballroom show. Thank you for the memories friend.

November 2014

Astronomical Turns 10 This Month
Celebrating 10 years since the release of ASTRONOMICAL, presented by PimpBionic Records, the World's Greatest Record Company.

October 2014

Happy Halloween from Dr. Theopolis
Dr. Theopolis would like to wish everyone a safe and delicious Halloween this year. We assume everyone is going to party, so make sure you party responsibly. Help others carry their beer. Bring plenty of ice. Keep the vibe upbeat and moving at all times.

September 2014

10 Year Anniversary of Astronomical
This fall will we celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of the release of Dr. Theopolis' Astronomical, the band's 2nd full length LP. We'll be posting pics and videos from the making of the album as well as some exclusive prizes. And as always, you can download the entire album for $2 from CD Baby. Includes 14 tracks and such timeless funk favorites as Astronomical, Evil Genius, Move the Earth.

May 2014 - August 2014

Dr. Theopolis Wishes Everyone Another Great Summer
Don't forget your summer jams this year as you go out into that bright day. Or perhaps a little downtime at night with that special someone. Keep the Doctor near and dear. When in doubt, pop in some Dr. Theopolis on the player and get your groove on.

April 2014

Portland musician’s innovative web site UseMusic.org joins artists with nonprofit's for charity
Dr. Theopolis front man Ezra Holbrook continues to make news with his UseMusic.org charity web site. First with the Elliot Smith single which was cleaned up and brought out for charity. And now with an interview in Portland's Street Roots magazine. Read the full interview.

March 2014

The Doctor's Got What you Need
For those who have just arrived, we're here to tell you the Doctor's got what you need. Dr. Theopolis has released two full length albums and 1 EP. Each of the albums, Voice of the Future and Astronomical are available for a $2.00 download from CD Baby. The The Playa EP is special collectors trophy which fans can obtain for $6.00 mailed directly to your home. All 3 releases come directly from our hearts to you.

February 2014

Dr. Theopolis members' music available on UseMusic
Last month we introduced you to the new web site UseMusic.org where the proceeds from downloads go to charities. Here are some tracks available from artist who participate in Dr Theopolis.

Don of Division Street The Devil's Machine (drummer Matt Cadenelli)
Charmparticles Faster Than Light (guitarist Jason Henry)
Ezra Holbrook Plain Jane (front man Ezra Holbrook)
The American Girls Leave the Light On (bassist Aaron Masonek and trumpeter Gus Baum)
Aaron Masonek The Waves (bassist Aaron Masonek)
Oh Darling Hang On Tight (drummer Jake Endicott)

January 2014

Introducing UseMusic.org
This January marks the launch of UseMusic.org, music-charity crossover site. Its premise is simple and works much like this…

· An artist creates a profile
· They upload a song to which they own the rights
· They choose a charity they want to support
· Charity receives 100% of the donations (save for credit-card processing fees)

Don't believe us? Go to the web site yourself and see. Multiple artists have signed on and started to Use Music.


Saturday February 14th
Members of Dr. Theopolis performing at the Cover Your Hearts bennefit at the Doug Fir, Portland, OR.

2013 Shows

Tuesday February 12th
Dr. Theopolis opening for Cherry Poppin' Daddies.
Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR

Saturday May 18th
Dr. Theopolis live at the Alhambra Theatre (formerly Mt Tabor Theatre). 4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR

Friday June 14th
Dr Theopolis live at the Secret Society Ballroom, for the SSB 5th Anniversary Party. 116 NE Russell, Portland, OR

Friday July 19th
Dr. Theopolis live at the Alhambra Theatre (formerly Mt Tabor Theatre). 4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR

Tuesday July 30th
Dr. Theopolis live and outdoors at the Mt Tabor Amphitheater SE 60th and Salmon. Portland, OR

2012 Shows

Saturday February 11th
Dr. Theopolis
will be performing at the Cover Your Hearts benefit.
Wonder Ballroom,
Portland, OR

Saturday June 30th
Dr. Theopolis will be performing in the MCA/Beastie Boys tribute.
Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR.
8 pm

Friday July 13th
Dr. Theopolis performing live at Star Theater, Portland, OR (13 NW Sixth Avenue)

Tuesday August 14th
Dr Theopolis performing at Kenton Park in North Portland, 6:30-8:00 pm

Sunday October 14th
Dr. Theopolis performing at the Kennedy School, 5 - 6pm.

Wednesday October 31st
Dr. Theopolis Halloween show, live at the Doug Fir, Portland, OR 9pm.

Monday December 31st
Its the Dr. Theopolis New Year's Eve show at McMenamins Kennedy School.


There are physical CDs left for sale at CD Baby.com. Small quantities. We, however, recommend you purchase Mp3 downloads from one of three online stores: iTunes, CD Baby, and Oldschool Houserock.

Oldschool Houserock has the lowest prices, is DRM free, and carries additional titles the other two don't have.


New Album from Ezra
Dr. Theopolis front man, Ezra Holbrook has released a new album entitled "Save Yourself" AND a collection of older songs titled "Say What You Want." Both recommended.


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