Episode 64: Frank Frazetta-ish

Vinyl record covers discussed. This episode: Frank Frazetta-ish . Hosted by Mark Mager and Rich Bachelor. StylusCast from Downtown Portland, home of the world’s most “let’s be Frank Frazetta” vinyl scene. Each week we discuss 5 albums selected by the merit of their covers (usually).

Diamond Head “Borrowed Time” 1982 MCA Records
Whitesnake “Love Hunter” 1979 United Artists
Kiss “Love Gun” 1977 Casablanca Records
Manowar “Fighting the World” 1987 ATCO Records
Meat Loaf “Bat Out of Hell” 1977 Cleveland International/Epic Records Read more…

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“The One Album” Metallica

Metallica 3 in 1

Ride The Master Justice

This is the 2nd in my Metallica trilogy. The first explored Garage Days, a 4 track recording of 4 guys playing Diamond Head songs. Not really a corporate juggernaut and a weird picture of what might have been. With this installment, I’m going to talk about the Metallica true metal trilogy – Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, And Justice for All, and essentially how they made the same album three times in a row.

In summer of 1984, Metallica released Ride the Lightning, an 8 track follow up to their mediocre debut album Kill Em All.  This album was to be the formula Metallica would use for their next 2 albums and what is today known as classic Metallica.  The formula is as follows: fast, yet short, album opener. The opener must have a faux calm before the storm, neo classic intro tacked on to give the opening more burst.  Second track is the title track, long, slow and tackles an issue.  Mid tempo rocker follows, usually their A-song but not always. To close off the side, the slow ballad. Often with a hint of Pink Floyd.

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“Garage Days” Metallica 1982

Metallica Garage Days

McGovney, Hetfield, Ulrich, Mustaine (L to R)

So before Metallica’s Garage Inc, there was Garage Days Re-revisited. The $5.95 EP, ca 1987. Notice it says Re-revisited. That’s because the band released a single for Creeping Death in 1984 and the b-side was called Garage Days Revisited by the band because it featured two covers Am I Evil and Blitzkreig. Readers will now point out the use of Revisited in that title and be asking, if there is so much revisiting, where is the original garage days? What readers may not know is Metallica made a very early demo recording called GARAGE DAYS, pre-San Francisco thrash days, pre Cliff Burton and even pre James Hetfield rhythm guitar. This is listed on some fan sites of unreleased demos as Ron McGovney’s Garage Demo. And rightfully so. This is not a major release. It sounds like it was recorded on someone’s boombox that had a built in mic. Although, a Ron McGovney interview reveals it to be Lars Ulrich’s Teac 4-track.

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