Cool Album Coves, is a vinyl record blog produced on an immense budget. It is here the writers of one of the web’s most intense and brilliantly celebrated web series, COOL ALBUM COVERS, gather and talk shop.  Sit back and observe.

WildMark Mager – Show Runner

Raised in the wilds of Minnesota, his father owned a record shop/hi-fi store.  In addition to watching bootlegged movies copied onto Beta tapes pre-VHS days, Mark has always surrounded himself with vinyl records.

When he was young, his father would take him to Minneapolis Record shows. A three hour drive south. It was there he saw his first Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon cover. And thus Cool Album Covers was born. Only much much later did it appear on a web site as a show.

Mark would like to make your stay here as pleasant as possible. We highly recommend the house sauce.

Rich Bachelor, ExtremelyRich Bachelor – Host

Is a raconteur living in Portland, OR.  He describes his existence as leisure without loss of social standing. Besides his love of vinyl records, Rich also collects celebrity scarves such as those of H H Sichel.

Mr. Bachelor would like to take this opportunity to introduce everyone to his official Nat Sherman Havana Ovals Appreciation Society. If you discover you have something fascinating you would like to comment on, regarding Havana Ovals, Rich would love, LOVE to hear from you.

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