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The Blouses of Men

Lawrence Welk, in introducing a song once, noted the sweeping cultural changes of the 1960’s. He very briefly noted it, in fact, by simply remarking on “…all th’ new clooothes…”

Just like that: you may sweep away the civil rights movement, forget the protests against the Vietnam War, ignore the emergence of identity politics, shrug at the manifold politically motivated murders and all this enormously important shit by briefly awakening from your slumber and noting that everybody seemed to go get a whole buncha weird lookin’ clothes in the last ten years…

“Vere gonna get der blackie out here to do th’ tappa-dance for you!”

This being Larry, of course the hip, up-to-date number this all reminded him of was “Put On Your Sunday Clothes,” from 1964’s Hello Dolly! which  so gloriously misses the point.

But what if that is all that really changed? Sometimes I wonder. There were some political breakthroughs, but they were slow to trickle down to the populace at large. What yer average ‘Murkan seems to have come away with was that It’s Okay To Smoke Pot now, and It’s Okay To Wear Weird Clothes.

Well? You ever look at pictures of your grandparents from the early ’70’s? Gramma and Grampa look like Merry Pranksters: he’s got these giant lapels with huge white stitching on his mint-green sports jacket he’s wearing with checked pants, and she’s wearing a fucking go-go dress with some sort of op-art madness all over it.  They look like they’re jacked to the tits on something, but no: they’re on their way to a meeting of the Rotary Club.

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